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Home Contact us Cross Stitch Crocheted Health & Beauty Handmade Crafts Jewellery Knitted Paintings Weddings

Body Measurements

Get a starting point of where you are today by recording your weight and measurements. If you have access to a body fat measurement devise, include this in your measurements.

Top tip

Try to weigh and measure yourself at the same time on each of the set days – for example before getting into the shower, or before getting dressed. Make it part of your daily routine and it will become ‘the norm’ very quickly.

Daily Planner

Use the daily planner to keep a track of your daily activities. This will help you access your progress and monitor your daily intake and exercise regime.

Top tip

Tell those around you what you are doing. Let them support and encourage you. If you feel your resolve slipping – use someone else’s. Ask friends to help.

Planning for Success

On the Programme goals chart, write down three realistic goals that you would like to achieve in the next nine days. Review these daily and create a mental picture of what you would like to see and how you want to feel.

Top tip

Pin your goals where you can see them – on the fridge or next to the biscuit tin to remind and inspire you.

Step 3

Start your Nutri-Lean Plan to complete your weight loss - we have put together a booklet that contains day by day recipes to follow making your weight loss effortless.

Nutri-Lean Weekly Planner

Keep track of how your body is improving by weighing yourself on the indicated days and check your measurements regularly. Use the weekly planner to keep track of your results – it will be a great diary of your success and will motivate you to keep going.

Top tip

Quite often, you may see a change in your shape, before a change in your weight, so it’s important to keep measuring yourself.

CLICK HERE TO START YOUR PLAN - each plan comes with its own 24 booklet

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